The TN is available for free download from the CIE website

CIE Technical Note – TN 011:2020 – What to document and report in studies of ipRGC-influenced responses to light (16 pages)

Interest in studying the ipRGC-influenced responses to light is strong, and continues to increase. The research teams who work in this domain come from many disciplines, each with their own research perspectives. Perhaps as a consequence, reviewers and readers of papers in this field are often frustrated by missing details in the reports, particularly in relation to the stimulus conditions – the light conditions to which people and animals are exposed. This impedes attempts to conduct systematic reviews that link stimulus and response and slows progress towards recommendations and standards.

This document provides a concise template for reporting investigations of ipRGC-influenced responses to provide guidance to research teams from all fields. It builds upon the guidance for describing stimulus conditions described in publication CIE 213:2014 Guide to Protocols for Describing Lighting, but is specifically tailored for research in this aspect of applied lighting and for applying the CIE system of metrology for ipRGC-influenced responses to light described in CIE S 026:2018.

The CIE makes this document freely available to encourage researchers, journal reviewers, and journal editors to follow this guidance, with the aim of enhancing the usefulness of this research for knowledge mobilization and application.

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